Watch Ek Murakh Ne Evi Tev - Gujrati Stage Play. Starring : Arvind Rathod, Pranoti Pradhan, Jagesh Mukati, Paresh Bhatt, Parth Desai, Mihir, Kinjal Bhatt. Director : Vipul Mehta. Producer : Siddharth Randeria, Sanjay Goradia. Music Director : Lalu Sango. Story Writer : Bhavesh Mandaliya, Vipul Mehta. Synopsis : Jeevan Jeevani is a cynic suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. He is a cleanliness freak who carries his own cutlery and crockery to the restaurants when he eats out. Jeevan's nephew is trying his best to find a cook for the house, but the eccentric uncle has rejected more than 100 candidates! In comes Lajo Ben, a widow and an amazing cook. She has great sense of humour and an ability to laugh at all of life's difficulties. In dire need of money, Lajo signs a deal with Jeevan's nephew and enters their household as a cook. Lajo easily manages to overcome the difficulties created by Jeevan's cynical demands. In the process, Jeevan falls in love with her. But it isn't goin, Humor, Drama, entertainment, music, Ek, Murakh, Ne, Evi, Tev, Gujarati, Comedy, Natak, Arvind, Rathod, Pranoti, Pradhan, Jagesh, Mukati, Paresh, Bhatt, Parth, Desai, Mihir, Kinjal, plays, dramatic, series, theatre, tv, acting, actors, skits, theater, actor, stage, shakespeare, modern, new, rajshrigujarati, Old, sexy, action, hot, superstar, superhit, blockbuster, hit, song, scene, love, romance, film, cinema does not host any of the video or A/V content links available on this website and nor does it engage in copying or uploading videos to any website. is merely an index of available links on the internet mostly on the popular hosting sources like Google video, DailyMotion, Veoh, MySpace, Guba, VReel, Supernova Tube, Mega Video, Youku, Zshare, Todou and YouTube. is not responsible for video or A/V content hosted on third party websites. Therefore, Copyright infringement notices should be directed to the responsible third party websites where the content is actually hosted. If you believe that any of the content above, links to content that infringes your copyright, please contact the respective third party websites for removal of your content off the internet. Please write to us at,, if you have any questions or concerns.