Ranga Bou - Full Length Bengali Movie - Rituparna Sengupta & Aamin Khan. Sohail Choudhury (Babbar) is a notorious feudal lord. He lives a life of gross unkempt indulging in liquor and women. Continuing with the legacy of his father and grandfather, Sohail too abducts village girls, takes them to his haveli and makes them entertain him. One day his sidekicks suggest him to get married. They make a trip to a village to look for a girl and spot Garimullah's daughter Aasha (Rituparna Sengupta). Sohail blackmails Garimullah into getting her daughter married to him. Sohail marries Aasha against her wishes and takes her home. He turns out to be an obsessive and possessive husband who often abuses Aasha. One day a few goondas attack him and Aasha while they were on a car. Sohail falls off the car but Aasha doesn't manage to and the car gets damaged with Aasha in it. Aasha's death makes Sohail more aggressive. Many miles away, Diana (Rituparna Sengupta) takes up the mission to find out why a ce, Ranga, Bou, Imtiaz, Bulbul, Rituparna, Sengupta, Aamin, Khan, Anwar, Hossain, Babbar, Amol, Bash, Arpita, Dutta, Mohammad, Hussain, Dilip, Kanaria, Pather, panchali, sonar, kella, satyajit, ray, angel, rajshri, entertainment, tollywood, bollywood, full, length, free, download, sexy, divas, bong, beauty, vidya, balan, alor, basha, ki, ashay, bandhi, khelaghar

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