Raja (Shashi Kapoor), a Kashmiri boatman and Rita (Nanda), a beautiful heiress from the city, fall in love. This romance is not looked upon favorably by Rita's dad Raj Bahadur Chunilal. He would prefer his daughter marry a suitor, he has chosen for her. But Rita is adamant and will only marry Raja. Raj Bahadur agrees to the marriage but with a condition that Raja has to adopt to the city lifestyle. Will Raja be able to adjust to the life in the city? For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at www.youtube.com Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com Follow us at twitter.com, Jab, Phol, Khile, Shashi, Kapoor, Nanda, Shammi, Jatin, Khanna, Kamal, Raja, Hindustani, Pardesiyon, Se, Na, Suraj, Prakash, Chetan, Love, Family, Drama, 15, Mins, 15minmovie, Shemaroo, Entertainment, Superhit, 2012, Movies, Movie, Films, Free, Download, Minimovie, Shortfilm, Romance, Hindi, Picture, Bollywood, Music, Hit, Songs, Indian, Cinema, High, Quality, 1965

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